Bathroom Designs that Elevate the Room’s Aesthetics

Posted on Aug 2 2017 - 8:57am by Admin

Bathroom decorationsBathrooms are not just a place for baths any more. They are also a place to relax, which makes sense considering the amount of time an average person spends in one. The bath is where you are all by yourself, deep in your thoughts. It would be nice if you could reflect on the day without staring at boring walls, wouldn't it? 

Here are three design ideas to make your bathroom pop: 

Mosaic Tiles 

Waterproofing tiling suppliers in Sydney like Waterproofing Direct offer a variety of mosaic tiles because of the growing demand. Mosaic tiles can come in different colours and designs, giving you plenty of choices for a bathroom that is uniquely yours. The positioning of the tiles matter, because that's where its design truly comes alive. You can choose accent mosaic tiles bordered by plain tiles in a complementary colour, or you can go all out on the patterns. 

Feature Wall 

If you're not adventurous enough for a full bath with mosaic tiles in every corner, a feature wall should suffice. This design element draws the attention to a certain wall, where you can choose as many colours of tiles as you want. Feel free to experiment with the arrangement of tiles to come up with a brick-wall-like structure. The idea of having a tiled feature wall is so popular that some couples are even adapting it to other areas of the house, especially the bedroom, to have that Instagram-worthy background seen in restaurants at all times. 


The beauty of tiles is that they can be used several ways. Forget about simply stacking them up in line, one after the other. Geometric patterns are also in, and if you choose them in subtle colours, you let the shapes and patterns take centre stage. This is a great option if you have a minimalist bathroom. 

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Why settle for a boring bathroom when you can have one that you will be proud to feature in all your photos? If you have a running theme in the house, your bathroom should not be lagging in the design department.