Awareness: Defending Yourself from Attacks

Posted on May 12 2017 - 1:00am by Admin

Woman sprayed a pepper spray to the bad guy Are you negligent of your safety? How do you know if you are? Awareness is an important part of staying safe from attacks and other dangerous situations. You don’t have to earn a black belt from a martial art discipline to protect yourself, although that may not be such a bad idea. Here are some basic awareness tips to help keep you away from danger.

Be always aware of your surroundings

Do you run with your iPod on full volume? An attacker can come at you from behind, and you won’t be able to hear them coming. Don’t listen to music; listen to your surroundings. When you’re out, avoid using your phone.

Carry a pepper spray

In your pocket, in a purse, or wherever you can, stuff a pepper spray. Find a pepper spray store in Slidell, Louisiana and from that day on, never leave without that can. Practice taking it out without looking at it and pointing it, so you’ll stand a better chance of using it.

Observe before entering

Parking at an ATM or a convenience store? Look around. Park in the brightest spot. Spend a minute or two observing from your car. You might walk into a stickup in progress and become a victim. After buying what you need or taking out money from the machine, go straight to your car and drive away. Don’t hang around checking your groceries or counting your money.

Learn to run

If you notice someone is following you or about to approach you, run. Run screaming if you can. You can also put cars between you and another person, and fish for your pepper spray while walking. Don’t walk close to buildings or alleys so you can avoid being jumped.

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Use run-flats

A flat tire in a sketchy part of town? Dangerous. If this happens to you, continue driving on your rims until you arrive at a safer place. Your rim may be ruined, but you’ll be alive. As rims are pricier than tires, switch to run-flats. You can drive on run-flat tires even when they’re out of air. They are not repairable, but at least you don’t have to pay for a new alloy wheel.

If you can, learn self-defense martial arts or techniques from a qualified instructor. It’s an investment in your safety.