Avoiding the Common Health Risks Truck Drivers Face

Posted on Sep 12 2017 - 5:10pm by Business Day TV

Portrait of a truck driverCommercial truck drivers receive modest yearly earnings compared to a majority of average Americans, besides the chance to travel to new places. They do, however, have to sacrifice family time as they have to go away for weeks, survive long hours on the road, and endure unconventional sleeping patterns.

The expected outcome concerns their health mostly because of occupational stress and job lifestyle.

Even with health risks, several drivers retired without experiencing depression-related illness or a suffering lifestyle.

Some desk jobs are also vulnerable to health risks nowadays – not just CDL truck driving jobs. Trucking expert Centerline Drivers notes it would be best to have knowledge of these risks, and the means to avoid them.

Heart Attack

Unfortunately, statistics reveal that two to three American truck drivers are at risk of getting a heart attack per month. The common signs that indicate a looming heart attack consist of feeling nauseated, chest discomfort or pain, cold sweats and difficulty breathing.

You will also feel pain in the back, arms, neck and jaw. If those symptoms seem familiar to you, get in touch with your doctor as soon as you can. Individuals who get a heart attack are not always overweight because genetics can cause it.

Obese individuals do have a higher chance of a heart attack. Similar to obesity, avoid a heart attack by regularly exercising and eating healthy.

Sleep Deprivation

They pay truck drivers based on the miles or hours they cover. Despite the regulation for the driving period, most still prefer to take in more hours to get more pay. The long-term consequence is sleep deprivation that could lead to more severe disorders.

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This includes memory loss, high blood pressure, weak immune system, weight fluctuations and sleep paralysis. If you are having a difficult time breathing during sleep, or you go through uncommon daytime sleepiness, sleep apnea could be the reason.

It is another cause to visit the dentist. Do not even dare to compromise sleep for money, as it will only lead to dire health risks.

The key to maintaining a stress-free and healthy lifestyle when driving trucks is to balance priorities. Cash is necessary for your family, but your health is essential, too.