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    Once the sales and marketing team has successfully closed the deals with new clients, the ball is now in the account manager’s hands. Account management...Continue reading »

    With an increasingly unpredictable economy, it is essential for anyone to be ready. Financial sustainability is being able to spend your money in the long...Continue reading »

    When travelling on a shoestring budget, staying at a hostel is the best way to go. It helps you to stay on budget while maximising your stay at one particular...Continue reading »

    It is everyone’s dream to own a home. But home buying is not as simple as it seems. There are a lot of tasks to accomplish to determine if the time is...Continue reading »

    Technology and entrepreneurs have become almost synonymous. Entrepreneurs create breakthrough technology, and most entrepreneurs leverage technology to...Continue reading »

    In 2015, Philippine’s real estate industry as a whole paid P26.3 billion to its pool of employees. This amounts to P358,999 average annual income...Continue reading »

    Oh, to be young and full of life! When you’re a young adult, your mind is at its peak of creativity. You long to discover things while keeping the...Continue reading »

    Sandwiches. Two slices of bread that come with anything imaginable as a filling. From the iconic peanut butter and jelly to the American-favorite burger to...Continue reading »

    While there are plenty of studies encouraging parents to keep their kids off gadgets or wean them off it, there are parents who cannot help but allow their...Continue reading »

    You’ve probably transacted with an online business. Convenient, isn’t it? However, know that running an online business isn’t easy. There are plans...Continue reading »