An E-picture is Worth a Thousand Sales

Posted on Sep 30 2015 - 4:01am by Business Day TV

EPosterWe’ve all seen how presentations in the form of paper posters can move us. However, when sales happen in a snap of a finger via a smartphone that fits the palm of the hand, we realize a new breed of advertising is upon us. In addition, it’s making waves like no other.

Making Online Work for You

Nowadays, to say everybody’s jumping into the digital age is a huge understatement. A look at how sales of digital music have overtaken physical sales in Australia, carving 54.7% of the recorded music market, is one exhibit we can hardly ignore.

As the market has evolved, so has the presentation. In this age, paper posters and billboards of fixed forms are dinosaurs facing extinction. Though many still exist, they are increasingly giving way to digital or electronic posters.

While a poster may convey an invaluable marketing nugget, an electronic poster or E-poster from offers flexibility and collaboration not immediately available in the traditional form of advertising. In short, it’s the right tool to get a chunk of a burgeoning online market.

Greater Flexibility

A closer look at your latest company’s conference or product launching should give you a better perspective.

Deploying an E-poster allows your crowd to connect with your product faster. Smartphone users in the audience with the right app, for instance, can scan an interactive element like the QR Code. This way, users can receive text and needed contact data, allowing them to compose an email or connect to social media to broadcast their amazing find to their circle of influence.

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Added to this, you won’t have the problem of space brought about by traditional advertising. Any viewer can have access to a full range of linked documents just by selecting a particular area of interest in your electronic poster.

All the while, you can be happily monitoring your webpage for various queries and sales movement via the Add to Cart button, oceans away.