A Modern Balancing Act: Encouraging Your Child to Play Outdoors

Posted on Mar 29 2018 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

Encouraging children to play outdoorsWhile there are plenty of studies encouraging parents to keep their kids off gadgets or wean them off it, there are parents who cannot help but allow their children to use phones and tablets. If you are among those parents, something to keep in mind is balance.

The Good and the Bad

Tough arguments against early gadget use are strong. Properly used and curated, gadgets can be an excellent learning aid. Different games can stimulate different parts of the brain, allowing your child to develop various cognitive skills. For parents, the burden is to monitor the applications installed in the gadget your child is using. For added security, try installing an app that will help you limit their gadget use and prevent them from downloading applications without your permission.

Let Them Be Bored

It is a common misconception that parents are responsible for keeping their children entertained. This is one of the many reasons you may find yourself resorting to gadget use. However, limiting it is one of the ways to let their minds wander naturally. Allowing children to get bored pushes them to find ways to entertain themselves, be it through reading a book, creating art, or playing outdoors.

The Great Outdoors

Spending a few hours a day outdoors is beneficial to most people, especially children. Physical activities let children better understand how their bodies move and how they can relate to their environment. Mentally, it allows them to learn about and explore the world more effectively. The things that they learn, whether in a classroom or through their gadgets, are given practical application once they are outdoors.

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You have plenty of options for family activities if you live in Charlotte, NC, both indoors and outdoors. You can even visit outdoor activity centers that encourage exploring a variety of sports.

As a bonus, participating in your children’s activities also fosters stronger family bonds, rounding out their exposure to gadgets with actual, physical exertion.