A Look into the London Life and Its Appeal on the Youth

Posted on Oct 4 2018 - 1:57am by Business Day TV

sunset on london business districtA majority of university students living in the UK are likely to identify London as their dream city to work in. That may be a result of the high number of multinational companies that have set base in the city. For many youths, working for such companies and in such a prestigious city would be a mark of significant progress in their careers.

General lifestyle

London is a city of fine things. However, the cost of living inconveniences both students and young professionals. People falling in that category may consider renting affordable hostels in Central London to reduce their living expenses. The strategic location of the hostels gives easy access to various facilities in the city. Young people can also take part in the numerous outdoor events that are held in the city throughout the year.

Employment opportunities

London host the largest number of companies in the UK. In fact, the city alone is estimated to have at least 40,000 technology hubs. All those companies are always in search of young passionate professionals and students to absorb into their organisations. That may explain why fresh graduates and continuing students flock the city in search of internship programs and employment opportunities.

Higher salaries

The city of London registers the highest salary in the UK in comparison to other cities. That may be a result of its significance as an administrative and economic centre. Worldwide, the city still maintains a high rank. That may be a major reason for its appeal to young professionals. Young people tend to be motivated by high salaries as these are often their only source of income and hence their guarantee for a good lifestyle.

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Working in London offers a series of benefits and challenges, especially to young people. However, it is the magnitude of its benefits that make it easy to overlook any minor obstacles in their way.