A Guide to Ensuring Safety in Confined Work Areas

Posted on Apr 24 2015 - 12:00am by Business Day TV

workstation with gadgetsEmployers must provide a workplace that promotes productivity and supports the basic needs of employees. Nevertheless, some work areas such as boilers, silos, storage tanks, pipelines, sewers, ventilation ducts, and ship compartments pose certain dangers.

If you notice, these locations have confining characteristics, unfavorable ventilation, and limited exits and entryways. Asphyxiation, long-term confinement, heat stress, and electrocution are just some of the many hazards people may face when working in these locations.

Do you work in a confined space, or know someone who spends a lot of time in potentially hazardous locations? Here are some things you must keep in mind to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone who occupies the space:

Expert services for monitoring and compliance

Confined space specialists monitor these locations and determine if the breathable air is contaminated. Continuous monitoring is necessary to ensure the safety of everyone who spends time in the area. As emphasized by authority experts in confined space entry service, Utah businesses must focus on this aspect if employees have extended work hours within the space.

Apart from monitoring activities, emergency response training and seminars for updated compliance measures are also important. Companies may get remediation, transportation, and waste management services. These activities further protect their employees from potential threats of confined spaces and other workplace hazards.

Environmental health and safety assurances

Entry into a confined workplace should require approval from a direct supervisor, with the assurance there are no immediate dangers in the space. The supervisor is also responsible for reminding employees to adhere to safety procedures. Standard operating protocols should be in place, which corresponds to specific needs of the location. The space should have approved safety or emergency equipment in case of problems during work.

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Work safety is everyone’s responsibility. Both the management and workforce should do their parts to ensure a risk-free work environment.