4 Ways to Plan for Bad Weather on Your Event

Posted on Jul 10 2018 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

A person holding an umbrella under heavy rainAre you tasked to organize an outdoor event? When looking for event spaces in NYC, one of the things you hope for is that the weather is going to be great on the day of the event. But bright sun, blue skies, and a gentle breeze are not always guaranteed.

Get ready for unexpected showers or drastic temperature changes by doing the following simple things.

1. Rent tents early

Regardless of the season you plan your outdoor event to happen, tents should always be on the top of the list of requirements.

They are ideal for sheltering your guests from the searing heat of the sun, rain or strong winds. They also keep your electronics and other expensive equipment safe in case of sudden weather changes.

2. Prepare your staff

Take time before the event to talk to your team regarding what needs to be done in case storm clouds start to gather. That includes covering your equipment to avoid water damage.

Assign a specific role to each member of your team and hold them accountable. Put in place a communication system that ensures things are done efficiently in case of bad weather.

3. Have an evacuation plan

If during your event, the unexpected does happen and you feel that the safety of your guests is threatened, then you need to put in place an evacuation plan. It’s critical that every staff member is aware of this evacuation plan, so they can guide your guests out of the venue safely and quickly.

4. Consider a backup plan

If days before your event, you notice that the weather is getting poorer and the weather forecast says there will be a storm in the area around the time of your venue, then you should think of alternative venues.

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Consider an indoor facility, and make sure you can effectively communicate to your attendees in case there’s a sudden change of venue.

One of the top risks of planning an outdoor event is that there might be bad weather on the day of the event. While you can do nothing to avert bad weather, there are ways you can minimize its impact on your event.