4 Tips to Sell Real Estate to Millennials

Posted on May 20 2018 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

Real Estate InvestmentContrary to popular belief, millennials are not an irresponsible generation. They too look into ways and means to improve their current financial status and security. Especially now that most of them have come of age, this demographic has become the newest stakeholder in the real estate market. If you are looking into selling a Lancaster New City property to millennials, here are four tips to boost your chances.

Have move-in ready listings

Millennials favor finished properties where they could move in as soon as they close the deal without them having to do preparatory fixings or renovations. This demand could be attributed to this generation’s characteristic on-the-go attitude. For them, if it’s ready, it must be good. Otherwise, why waste valuable time and resources?

Have eco-friendly listings

Millennials are arguably the most socially aware generation that has ever walked the Earth’s surface. This social awareness encompasses a lot of issues including sustainability. In a global study conducted by Nielsen, 72% of millennial respondents declared their commitment to environmentally sustainable products. This proclivity bleeds into this generation’s choice of housing, whose eco-friendliness score they assess via blogs and online reviews.

Be technologically-savvy

Millennials and technology are two interconnected subjects. You can’t discuss one without touching the other. With this in mind, one way to tap into this consumer segment is via technology. Start a real estate blog. Be present on social media. To level up your game, you can even partner with influencers on Twitter and Instagram to get your word out there.

Be transparent

Millennials grew up with all kinds of facts at their fingertips. This is a generation you cannot mislead or keep in the dark. To gain their trust, transparency is vital. So let them know what they need to know and more. They’ll know what they need to know even if you do not tell them anyway.

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Millennials have become a crucial driving force in all kinds of markets. To reach them, you must be specific with your approach. If you do this right, the rewards are endless.