4 Tips for Getting Your Backyard Ready for a Party

Posted on Aug 4 2018 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

Party in the backyardSummer is here, and that means season-long outdoor fun. Is your backyard ready for guests? Is the space good enough for the Clearspan tent rental you’ll get from your Minneapolis outlet? If not, don’t panic. In this guide, you’ll learn a few simple tricks to eliminate all the evidence of a messy spring and get your backyard ready for your next party.

Repair your lawn

Your lawn is obviously the first thing people will notice. Now is the time to fix glaring issues, like bald spots, patches of overgrown grass, unsightly weeds, and unattractive shrubs. Seed, water, and fertilize the blank areas. Pull out the weeds, mow the lawn, and prune the shrubs. You may also add attractive plants and flowers in containers.

Get the driveway and paths ready

As soon as you are done with the lawn, focus your attention on the driveways and walkway surfaces. Repair all crumbling surfaces and polish them up. Add lighting to set the perfect ambiance for nighttime parties. Don’t forget to update your deck, too.

Prepare the grill and bar

It’s likely that your grill has been idle for months. Now is the time to get it ready by deep cleaning it and inspecting the tank. Create a grilling center for storing your cooking tools and utensils. Set up an outdoor bar for serving drinks, too.

Get your outdoor furniture ready

It’s only natural that your outdoor furniture has taken a beating after months of harsh weather. Fix those unsightly scratches, nicks, and rust on the frames. Tighten up the loose straps and repaint the discolored parts. You may need to add a few picnic tables, too.

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Getting your backyard ready for summer hosting need not be a stressful affair. If you get help from the rest of the family, it can actually be fun, and you get to treat your guests to the perfect setting for outdoor parties.