4 Real-World Contributions of Transport Engineers

Posted on Apr 19 2018 - 7:05pm by Business Day TV

Man looking on trucksTrucks and trailers are the heroes of the highway, delivering cargo and packages since the 20th century. These vehicles and their drivers brave ever-changing weather conditions and endure long stretches of roads just to get from one state to another. Their auto parts can only last for so long, but thanks to transport engineering, old parts can be replaced with new ones. Besides repair, transport engineering helps trucks, trailers, and other transport in many ways.

Earthmoving Machinery

One area that transport engineering teams specialise in is earthmoving machinery. This involves trucks, rollers, diggers, dozers, or any machine capable of lifting and transporting soil for different purposes like construction. These machines are unlike regular vehicles because they have heavier components.


Transport engineering teams can also deal with ramps if ever you need one. They have two common types — heavy aluminium and light aluminium. Ramps serve as platforms on which the aforementioned machinery, or any other vehicle, can get loaded and unloaded.


Vehicles used to transport cargo like trailers, which can now be serviced by transport engineers. Trailers are platforms with wheels that are towed by actual vehicles. They can be tailored according to their purpose. Low loader trailers are lower in height compared to normal trailers for easier unloading and loading. Tipping trailers can tip or tilt, so the load they carry could just slide off on their own.

Safety Equipment

Transport engineering deals with equipment that provides safety to operators of the aforementioned machinery. For example, if you have a worker operating a dozer, a roller, or a digger, having safety equipment like Roll Over Protection frames (ROPS) will protect them inside in case it rolls over.

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These four aspects are the reasons transport businesses need transport engineers. They may be doing one of the most important jobs out there. After all, without them, who would make sure that the above-mentioned vehicles would function like they should?