4 Popular Australian Home Architecture Styles

Posted on Aug 21 2018 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

a stylish Australian homeWhen it comes to real estate investment, location is not the be-all-end-all.

Sure, choosing real estate in Donnybrook and Woodstock in Victoria, both 30 kilometres away from Melbourne’s central business district, is a rather smart choice, given the government’s recent large spending in these neighbourhoods. Not to mention their plethora of existing town centres, amenities and public schools. But, your priorities should not end there. Equally important is your choice of architectural style for your home. If you have yet to make up your mind, consider these four all-Australian aesthetics.


If you are the practical type, this is a good option. Popular in Melbourne, Victoria, these houses are pre-made, hence the name, in the United Kingdom and shipped to Australia complete with pitched roofs, iron or timber walls, and sometimes, even furniture and wallpaper.


If classic comfy is your thing, a Queenslander home is definitely up your sleeve. As the name suggests, this style is typically found in Queensland as well as in parts of New South Wales. It is characterised by iron roofing, timber construction, and spacious verandas.

Queen Anne

If fancy is what you like, Queen Anne fits the bill. This royal-named architectural style, popular in Victoria and New South Wales, does not fall short of its moniker. Its façade is royally decorated and it has steeply-pitched roofing for added accent.

Ultra-sustainable Prefabricated

Australians are some of the most environmentally-conscious citizens of the world. The popularity of ultra-sustainable prefab houses is a testament to this. These modular homes have open floor plans and lots of glass for natural lighting.

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Your home is an extension of yourself. It speaks of your priorities, among other things. If you want where you live to accurately depict where you are at, in all aspects that is, pay enough mind to architecture. And make sure there’s substance behind the style.