4 Occasions that Call for a Mini Bus Rental

Posted on Aug 26 2015 - 11:43am by Business Day TV

mini busMultiple-seater vehicle rental proves to be a convenient option during events that call transporting many passengers. A minibus, for instance, can accommodate eight or more passengers and provide a high level of comfort when travelling. Below, Pacific Auto Rentals shares some of the events and instances wherein a mini bus hire would be handy.

Corporate Events

A mini bus will help you travel in comfort and style when going to business conferences. It will not only provide a safe and comfortable way to take your business partners and staff to the corporate event, but will also save you from the headache of bringing your own cars and parking them. A vehicle hire is also a wiser option when engaging in regional corporate tours and business trips with multiple stops.


Companies offering mini bus hire also have charters for special occasions such as weddings. You can choose from 8 to 16-seater buses, depending on the size of your wedding party. If you have more guests coming to the venue, you can go for bigger buses that can seat up to 30 or 40 people.

Airport Pickups

A shuttle rental can also be a great way to travel in class and style to and from the airport. Airport pickup buses come in different sizes and amenities, ranging from luxurious 8 and 10-12-seaters mini buses to those that can accommodate larger groups.  Whether you’re going to a much awaited overseas trip or simply fetching a loved one from the airport, a bus hire can give the necessary convenience.

Leisure Activities

The saying ‘the more, the merrier’ is especially true when travelling for leisure. A shuttle hire is a practical option if your family is spending an upcoming holiday by attending a musical festival or exploring the rest of New Zealand. Whether it’s a sporting trip, a farm tour, or a day at a theme park, you will never go wrong with a vehicle rental. You can even invite some close friends to come with you should there be vacant seats in your mini bus.

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Make sure you book a rental early, so you can get discounts and plan your tour real soon.