4 Considerations When Conducting Police Checks Online for SA Employees

Posted on Aug 30 2017 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

Police checkConducting criminal history checks have become an almost mandatory practice at the workplace in Australia that many companies are offering in SA are choosing to perform police checks online as a risk mitigation process.

The benefits that employers enjoy from this process include protecting fellow employees and their company’s reputation. But, if, as an organisation, you have chosen to conduct criminal history checks on potential employees, ensure you take the following steps:

Formulating a Policy

Before you decide to carry out police checking in an organisation, have a written policy already in place. The system contains the organisation’s objective of carrying out police checks.

Potential and existing employees should use the policy to clear any misunderstandings on your company’s intention of conducting criminal history checks.

Stating the Police Check Requirement in the Job Advertisement

It is important for interviewees to know that you will perform a criminal history check. One having a criminal history should not mean that they cannot get the job, and you should state that to allow open discussions in the early stages of recruiting workers.

Explain the Need for a Police Check

A job applicant should know the role applied for and understand the inherent risks associated with the role. The applicant should also give consent for a criminal check knowing that the assessment of the criminal record is against those risks.

Conduct Police Checks on Short Listed Candidates

Carrying out police checking at the last stage of recruitment minimises the cost of organising police checks for the applicants who will not make the cut. Also, the risk of disclosing confidential information is lower.

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Conducting police checks online in SA is an almost mandatory requirement for job recruitment, but it works to the advantage of both the organisation and its stakeholders.

Many companies in Australia are offering criminal history checking services, but not all have your best interests at heart; failure to follow the right criminal history checks procedures can risk your organisation’s reputation. So, get a reliable company to offer criminal history checks for your organisation.