3 Ways to Increase Your Off-Page SEO Value

Posted on Sep 17 2015 - 4:30am by Business Day TV

SEO CampaignsWith the latest changes in Google algorithms, off-page SEO strategies are increasingly becoming more important to get high search engine rankings. Off-page SEO are the things not found on your website that make your business look more credible and essential. Here are a few tips to help you increase your overall off-page SEO value and enjoy better search engine rankings.

Appear in Highly Regarded Directories

Directories are third-party websites like Google Places, Yelp, and TripAdvisor that offer listing of businesses. Appearing on these sites are important, so people could know more about you and leave online reviews containing what they think about your products and services. But, appearing on low-quality directories is a no-no. This includes directories that aren’t moderated and have too many ads.

Don’t Participate in Link Networking

Link networks are a group of websites that offer backlinks in exchange for a fee. Participating in these schemes is dangerous because Google regularly seeks out violators and penalizes participating websites. You’ll surely face repercussions and your SEO value will diminish drastically. Don’t forget that Google has a strict policy when it comes to backlinks that are generated unnaturally to manipulate SEO rankings.

Maintain the Relevance of Your Backlinks

There’s nothing more fishy than a fitness website getting a backlink from a computer software website. It may also be unusual for you to earn backlinks from websites from Nigeria if your business is US-based. Make sure to evaluate the relevance of your backlinks and disavow those than can possibly send a red flag to Google. Hire an SEO company such as C1-Partners.com to get your more backlinks from websites connected to your industry.

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Keep in mind that Google is serious about penalizing websites that are improving their off-page SEO rankings through illegal means. If you want to capitalize on off-page SEO, make sure you do it correctly to achieve great, long-lasting results.