3 Tips for Entry Level Engineers

Posted on Feb 15 2018 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

Engineers at workYou’ve finally graduated as a fully fledged engineer, but you do not know where or how to start applying for a job? It can be difficult to land a job without any experience, but as long as you have the right mindset and the right attitude, you will get there.

Here are some tips and tricks to get specialists in engineering recruitment to notice you.

Work on your CV

Most companies want to see what you have accomplished at Uni, so having a succinct CV is a great way to start. Your CV is a way to sell yourself and to show employers what you are capable of as an engineer. When creating your CV, make sure to include an opening paragraph on what motivates you makes you a great employee. Also include a summary of your educational history, past awards and recognitions before giving details of your coursework, past internships, language proficiency, hobbies, and volunteer work.

Although you don’t need to submit recommendations until they are requested, have a list of people who you have worked with closely and will give a good impression of you. Have samples of the projects that you have worked on ready to back up your CV. Finally, make sure to create an online presence, as this makes you more visible to potential employers.

Do your Research

Before going to a job interview, make sure to research the company. Know about their business and what they are looking for in a successful candidate. This may give you an advantage over other applicants, as this will show the employer that you have come prepared, and are serious about working for their company.

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Learn New Skills

Never stop learning. There are plenty of short courses available to enhance knowledge and increase your chances with employers. You can also join professional engineering organisations in the UK such as the Institution of Civil EngineersInstitution of Mechanical Engineers, and The Institution of Engineering and Technology to name a few.

Be positive, stay current and improve your skills ‒ that way, you will land your dream job!