3 Outdated Web Design Techniques and What to Replace Them With

Posted on Oct 8 2015 - 9:10am by Business Day TV

web designYou might not notice just how outdated your website design is, but casual visitors do. They can compare your site to others that are constantly updating their design. The rule of thumb is to give your website a major facelift every two or three years. Some design elements are just too outdated to keep, though.

If you have these in your site, now is the time you get rid of them:

Image Carousel

Image carousel is the rotating website header that usually contains four or more images that slide. This is good for promoting multiple webpages, but people will likely not stay that long on the site to see all of them. As a modern alternative, have an eye-catching background video without sounds as a welcoming page for your website. Make sure the video is strong and has a call-to-action to turn visitors to customers.

Web-Safe Fonts

Fonts like Times New Roman and Arial are so plain they should not even be on your website. Don’t miss the exciting, distinctive, and unconventional fonts that can deliver your message across in a more effective and inviting way. Check out sites like TypeKit, FontSquirrel, and GoogleFonts for a wide array of choices. Any website design expert in Provo will tell you how using new fonts can boost the impact of your web content.

White Space Deficiency

Today’s website design is all about being minimalist. Minimal design features ample white spaces and block colors, so people can focus on the most important parts of a webpage. Use a grid for the foundation of your design and make the site responsive, so it could fit all types of browsers and devices.

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Get rid of these outdated web design features and replace them with attractive and convenient ones. This way, you can impress more visitors and make them come back to your site. This may even be your ticket to getting new customers.