3 Common Signs of a Blocked Drainage

Posted on Aug 21 2017 - 4:48pm by Business Day TV

Plumber Fixing DrainageUnblocking a blocked drainage is a nightmare for many home owners. If water does not drain properly, it can result in costly issues. Fortunately, blocked drainage will show you some warnings before it breaks down completely.

Walton Plumbing outlines the common signs you need drain unblocking services.

It Takes Too Long to Dry

Any flowing water from your shower or the surface of your sink should take one to two seconds to drain. For toilets and bathtubs, the water should create a whirlpool motion to indicate that drainage flow is continuous. Every time these two flows take longer than expected, it is a clear indication that your drainage system is accumulating more debris and you need to consider unblocking it.

It Is Overflowing

The easiest way to tell that your drainage is blocked is when you see a sign of overflow of water every time you flush your toilet. This indicates that the water cannot pass through the pipes correctly, so it back flows. In some cases, the water pressure can be sufficient to remove such blockage, but if it cannot, professional assistance is necessary.

It Starts to Smell

If the area around your kitchen sink, toilet, bathtub and shower starts to smell, it could mean your drainage system is blocked. Any solid matter that is trapped in the pipes will catch debris such as hair strands and food particles. If this remains unattended, the trapped materials will start to decompose and spread a foul odour back in your house through the pipe openings.

To prevent any costly problem that results from the drain blockage, it is important to conduct a regular check of your drainage system. This will allow you to identify and resolve any issue. Do not hesitate to call the professionals if you notice any of the signs discussed above.

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