3 Architectural Designs You Can Consider for Your Dream House

Posted on May 24 2018 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

a well-designed homeBuilding your very own home can be such an exciting experience. You get to have a say in virtually everything during the planning stage of construction. And one of the very first things you need to decide on is the architectural style.

If you are still looking for a style for your dream home, read on for some popular house designs.


A still popular architectural design nowadays is the cabin style. This style primarily uses wood as the building material, so a house with such a design typically has wooden panels, logs, timber beams, or other kinds of lumber for its walls, flooring, and ceiling.

Additionally, cabin-style homes often feature porches and balconies. The rural setting, especially in a wooded area, is the best location to build this type of home.


The Tudor style, which originated in England, is another popular architectural design. The steep gabled roof is the most recognisable characteristic of a Tudor-style home.

Also, a Tudor house is mostly known for its stone or brick chimneys and exposed (and decorative) wooden wall framing, particularly the diagonal and vertical beams. They recommend this type of home in areas such as New South Wales and Victoria that experience snow.


Of course, the present-day building design – contemporary style – is also popular. As being environmentally friendly is one of the main characteristics of this design, they build contemporary houses using sustainable or recycled materials.

They also often feature flat roofs, floor-to-ceiling windows (to let natural light in for energy efficiency), asymmetrical patterns, and open floor plans. Because it uses a present-day architectural design, contemporary-style homes are suitable for almost any location.

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Get started on your dream house project by choosing the architectural design. You can choose whatever style you want for your home, but just be sure it is something you can live with (and in!) for a long time.