2 Smart Ways to Grow a Thriving Car Repair Shop

Posted on Aug 29 2018 - 5:26am by Business Day TV

Mechanic going through maintenance checklist for carIf the latest car sale figures are anything to go by, Australians love their cars. The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries reports that more than 100,000 new vehicles are sold in the country monthly. Such developments spell good news for the repair shops.

With the right equipment such as a transporter trailer, you can cash in on this growing market. You only need to tweak your business strategy to gain a much-needed edge.

Talk to Your Customers

See, cars are a great investment and as such, people are quite attached to them. Your customers need an assurance that you have both the skills and equipment necessary to handle the job. Instead of giving your prospects a history lesson of how long you’ve been in business, focus on meeting their need.

Ask them about their struggles, challenges, and any hiccups they experience in their motoring journey. Once you’ve understood their pain points, you can craft your services to provide the solutions to these problems. That way, you’ll get your customers to appreciate and respect your services. Helping your client have a better car owning experience is what grows sales.

Get the Word Out

While aligning your services to fill the needs of your target market is an incredible business strategy, it’s not enough to keep your doors swinging. You’ll need to get the word out to stay in business. Creating a healthy pool of return customers is what keeps your business profitable. Hence, you simply can’t afford to put marketing on the back burner.

Thanks to emerging technology, you don’t need a fancy degree to thrive in marketing. As a repair shop, you can create a series of educational video and share them on your social media pages. See, you only need to showcase your skills, abilities and equipment to the target market to grab their attention.

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Motorists take a great deal of pride in their cars and often pull all stops to keep them running smoothly. If you can help them meet these needs without breaking the bank, you can give your repair shop an edge on the market.