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The storage industry in Australia is a sterling $1.1 billion, which also has the annual growth rate of 3.3 per cent year over year, according to the IBISWorld industry report. Tristan Williams, senior analyst on the Australian storage economy says, “The industry has benefited from several factors, including the fact that more Australians are moving to major cities and into smaller apartments or townhouses. The report found there was an increasing demand from people relocating short-term for work or study.” A Free Market While...Continue reading »

When it comes to custom retail signage, it’s all about the font you use. While you can always add a logo, you can’t add photos as you would on a poster or a website. When you are creating your retail signage, you need to make the font speak out. explains that this is why hiring professional designers is important. Otherwise, you might end up using the fonts that scream bloody hell for the whole city to see. To give you an idea, here are 10 fonts you should never use when you’re creating your retail signage:Courier New – Only...Continue reading »

One of the most popular ways to earn money is investing in rental property. This is not inexpensive and it may take some time before you can recover your initial capital and start making a profit. For those who are dedicated, however, this is a lucrative business that isn’t too demanding of their time. Here are some notes on how to make sure your investment runs smoothly: Choose a good location Location is a part of preparing for the kind of tenants you would like to rent to. For example, if you are interested in offering student...Continue reading »

As a website owner, you've probably heard of SEM and SEO. But what do they really mean and how do they differ? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is optimizing a website through organic unpaid traffic to your website. SEM marketing or Search Engine Marketing, on the other hand, is of broader context. It includes SEO, but also deals with the process of gaining traffic from search engines through buying traffic via paid search. Search Engine Optimization Users have no time or the patience to keep on clicking pages after pages in search...Continue reading »

Clawing back a damaged reputation can be a long and painful experience for any business. Just take it from Samsung. When it was found that over a hundred new Galaxy Note 7 handsets either overheated or burst into flames, the South Korean company made the unprecedented decision to recall every single Note 7 handsets sold worldwide. On top of the disastrous $6 billion-worth brand recall and plummeting share prices, Samsung’s hard-earned reputation suffered quite a blow. But, Samsung remains one of the most valuable global brands, and there are many reasons why this...Continue reading »

There are many ways to pay off a car. One popular way is through novated leasing. This payment option allows an employee to purchase a personal vehicle through salary packaging, determined by using a novated lease calculator. Doing so reduces the buying price of a new car by up to 10 percent. Given that it helps save workers thousands of dollars on car purchases, it is no wonder that it is a popular choice among employees. Supporting Data on Its Popularity According to a news report from SBS, novated Leasing accounted for at least 21...Continue reading »

Marine stereo can add a great deal of entertainment while cruising with your boat. If you think that installing marine stereos are the same as plugging in your computer’s speakers, then you are deeply lost before you even start doing it. Apart from the wiring protocols, you have to consider some critical points — where to mount the stereo for maximum coverage, how to converge the speakers, and powering. For this reason, Coastal Innovations and other specialists in the field share some helpful ways to get you through the process...Continue reading »

Projects are a common and highly important part of nearly every industry around the world. Whether you’re in construction, sales, or the academe, chances are you have projects. Those projects are not simple memos or instructions; you need the right people to handle them to ensure their completion on time and on budget. Learning along the way Handling projects is something you learn along the way. The longer you’ve been working in your industry, the more qualified you may become to handle projects of varying importance, difficulty,...Continue reading »

Project management is a diverse field. To begin a career in it, you’ll need to be broadly knowledgeable in one of those fields. What makes a great project manager and what does it take to get there? Milestone Management Partners cite a few choice characteristics. Keeping Things on Track Firms hire project managers to help the teams stay focused on their goals. While there may be an incident or two of having to put out extra fires, the important thing is that everything keeps moving forward. You will also need to be able to categorize...Continue reading »

Hurray! That was the cry that you gave when you finally got your website up and running. You started counting the revenues that you will make without exactly considering some pitfalls that you might encounter along the way. True enough, your dreams from dreamland became like those nightmares from Elm Street. So what do you do? Before you go to the solution, try to determine the possible causes why your website isn’t getting the traffic you want. No professional help whatsoever If you didn’t ask the help of professionals who have mastered...Continue reading »