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Dallas emerged as the best place for real estate investors to buy a rental property in the U.S, according to a HomeUnion analysis. The online residential property management firm named the city as the best place among the top 13 cities in the U.S., which are expected to outperform other markets through 2017. Rental Investments Residential real estate acquisitions have long been a common way for investors to receive a lucrative return for their money, although recent figures suggest that it is not always the case. A typical home only provided...Continue reading »

Owning a house is a dream come true for many. Unfortunately, not everyone decides to push through with it, thinking that they have no way of affording such a massive purchase. While it’s true that buying a home is most likely the biggest purchase you will make, there are several ways you can bring its overall cost down. Many of these money-saving tactics apply prior to signing a contract with one of the reputable providers of mortgages in Salt Lake City. Make sure you carry them out before you decide on a lender. The down payment advantage One...Continue reading »

Algomi is a UK-based software company that is driven on changing and revolutionising the fixed income trader’s world. They also have an interest in helping well-established market incumbents to roll out new and innovative trading platforms worldwide, securing their status as well-established market incumbents. Algomi has partnered with multiple financial institutions, like their $10 million partnership with pan-European marketplace Euronext. Their 10-year plan with Euronext involves developing a new trading platform that increases...Continue reading »

Public transport has made significant improvements over the years, offering varied options for people to reach their destination conveniently without having to bring their own cars. There are several and specialised modes of transport at people’s disposal. Selecting the right one for your trip involves careful consideration and planning. Here are four key factors you should consider before making your bookings. Speed Speed is an important factor to consider if you need to reach the destination within a short period of time. When booking...Continue reading »

If you’re new to owning a cat, you might be wondering about what’s best to feed your new friend. After all, nutrition is the key to a healthy and happy cat. It’s important to remember that cats are carnivores. As such, they need to eat meat to stay healthy. Keeping a supply of meat rich in thiamine (vitamin B1) is necessary. Australia’s Shop4Pets shares with us more tips on what to feed your cat to keep them healthy. Opt for Thiamine-Rich Food Thiamine converts carbohydrates into energy, and cats require it from their food....Continue reading »

More companies have become interested in finding out how to resolve the problem of worker fatigue, as tired employees increase safety risk, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). The non-profit organization recently included the issue as the main point of its agenda. It follows an initiative in 2016 when the council recorded different statistics to determine the prevalence of fatigue among employees. Fatigue Statistics An NSC survey of 2,000 workers in the U.S. showed that 43% admitted to going to work without enough sleep, while...Continue reading »

Down payments are a common word in the real estate business. Most mortgage lenders put down a specific percentage of the house’s worth, which you must pay if you don’t want to insure your mortgage. This acts as some security to the lender in case you fail to pay your mortgage premiums and wind up in a foreclosure. The lender will keep the down payment as returns from the entire proceeding. So far, a down payment sounds like a win to the mortgage provider, but how can you use it to your advantage when getting your mortgage loan? Altius Mortgage Group and...Continue reading »

The sales team is one of the most important departments of a business. As a sales manager, you know too well that a strong team can help bring in profit for the company. As such, you need to work on making your group better and more reliable than ever. Strengthening your sales team may require time, but the good news is, the skills that your members will acquire can be easily applied to real-life situations as soon as possible. If you do not know where to begin, here are some things that you should take note of. Send them to training This...Continue reading »

Demand for translation services has been at an all-time high lately, making the industry harder to ignore. For instance, a recent convention held by the American Translators’ Association saw over 2,000 attendees, twice the attendee count of the previous year. Data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics also showed that the industry would see a 24 percent growth from 2014 through 2024. If you have been thinking about entering the industry, either by starting a company or getting a certification to work as a translator, there...Continue reading »

Deloitte expects online sales to rise up to 21% to $114 billion in the holiday season of 2017, while RetailNext estimated a 14.9% increase. Online retailers should start to beef up their marketing and competitive strategies, including a minimum advertised pricing policy, ahead of an expected increase in e-commerce sales in the U.S. from the holiday season of 2017. Deloitte expects online retail sales to rise between 18% and 21%, or $111 billion to $114 billion, while RetailNext estimated a 14.9% increase. A strong employment market would...Continue reading »